In-person worship continues this Sunday, Aug. 9th,  at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., and 11 a.m. More than 200 folks participated in worship this past Sunday, by either attending one of our three services or by tuning in to the Live Stream.

A live streaming of the 9 a.m. worship service will again be broadcast this coming Sunday for those unable to attend in-person worship.

You may link to the 9 a.m. “livestream” on our website . 

The church office received the following emailed response from Michelle Settecase on Monday morning this week:

Hello all, as Cheyenne and I sat in service yesterday, it struck me that five of my family members have been baptized at TCIA — both of my parents, myself, Cheyenne and her brother.  While this may not seem all that incredible or special, consider my parents and I were all baptized as adults.  After a lifetime of bouncing around the world and trying to find their relationship with God in their own way, my parents chose TCIA because they felt it was the best place to make the first step. While they worshiped at UCC in Chagrin later on, both remained steadfast in their belief that TCIA is where their true faith journey started. Cheyenne later told me that one day she wants her future children baptized at TCIA. The legacy lives on!       -Michelle
Happy Wednesday, Friends!
Well, we did it. We have one in-person Sunday under our belts, and I think it went well. I was surprised to see the number of folks who joined us, both live (96) and online (130)! 

I am grateful for the many, many folks who have worked so hard to make in-person worship meaningful and safe. Specifically, I wanted to point out the Elders, Trustees, Deacons, Bob Messner, Rev. Horak, and Kay Oxford. These folks have worked above and beyond to help make in-person worship possible. 

This past Sunday, I preached from Psalm 122. I shared with you three things from the Psalm that would have been special to the sojourneying Israelites: 1) unity, 2) justice, and 3) peace. 

These are also themes that Jesus taught throughout his life and ministry. Jesus believed these things to be critical practices for those who would follow him. 

So, I thought would good to reflect on some scriptures and questions having to do with the topics. 

Read John 17:20-26
Ask: How have you played a role in keeping the unity of the church?When have you acted in such a way that may have compromised the unity of the church? What can you do now to promote unity? 
Read: Matthew 25:31-46
Ask:What do you understand justice to mean? And, how does your understanding align with what you know about God’s justice?How are you currently participating in the ministry of justice? In what ways could you grow in your understanding and role in justice ministries?
Read: Matthew 5:9, Romans 12:28
Ask: What do you understand peace to be mean? And, how does your understanding align with what you know about God’s peace?How have you experienced peace from God? What could you do to become a more effective peacemaker? 
Take these scriptures and questions and use them as devotional material over the next few days. Allow God to speak to you and shape you, as you seek to grow in your faith. 

Pastor Derek


As we are now celebrating our gradual reopening, the Fellowship Committee would like your help with a little Welcome Back project.
While current guidelines prohibit us from physically gathering together all at one time, we thought we could do it virtually, with a welcome back slide show of all our church families which we will assemble and share for everyone’s enjoyment in a future Enews.
To make this happen, we need for you to send us a recent picture of you and your family together (doing something fun while social distancing or waving hello). Send your pictures to: before August 17.

Also, please note that by submitting a picture you are also giving us permission to post this on The Church in Aurora’s Facebook page as well.

The Sept-Nov “Our Daily Breads” have arrived.  You may pick up a copy from the black dropbox outside the glass doors or when you attend worship on Sunday.  If you’d like a copy mailed to you, please email ( or call the office (330-562-8266).

A volunteer is still needed to help with the August 11 Red Cross Blood Drive. Tasks will include taking the temperature of donors and sanitizing the chairs. A protective mask and gloves will be provided. Please call the office 330-562-8266 if you are available to help. AS OF TODAY, ALL APPOINTMENTS FOR THIS DRIVE HAVE BEEN TAKEN; BUT YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO  CONTINUE CHECKING THE RED CROSS WEBSITE FOR CANCELLATIONS ( .

Have you scheduled your driveway visit with one of our pastors?  If you’d like either of them to stop by, call 330-562-8266 or email, and Kay will schedule a visit for you.

There will be no Fall Rummage Sale this year. 

Last week we served 154 people in 45 households.

Thank you Womens Guild for helping the program with backpack donations! It’s been less than one day since the word went out, and already 6 donations have been received!!  You can continue to donate through August 16.

We are also needing donations of other school supplies including new (or like new) calculators (TI 34 TI 30X, TI 84 graphing calculator, TI 34II, and TI 30XIIS).  A complete list of items needed is here.  On two Saturdays, Aug 8 and 15, a school bus will be parked at the Aurora Howard Hanna building to accept school supply donations, but you can also leave them in the plastic bin outside the glass doors.

As a reminder:  The Sirna and Sons program continues to help sustain The Community Relief efforts.  Orders for fresh meats, dairy, fruits, veggies and more at competitive prices can be made online and will be placed in your car touch-free at Leighton Elementary School 9 am – 10 am on Thursdays.  15% of all orders received go to the Aurora Community Relief Fund. You can 
click here to check out their website and make an online order.
Are you blessed with extra garden produce? We can use it!  A basket has been placed outside The Escape garage door. (You can’t miss it.) Just place your vegetables there anytime it’s convenient for you….zucchinis, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers…even one or two are helpful.
Email Pastor Derek to get your lawn sign or . In return, we ask for two things: Consider making a $10 donationConsider taking picture of you and/or your family in front of your sign for us to shareFriends, The Church in Aurora is a strong church with great peopleand one of the things I have loved most about this faith community is that even though we may have differences in our politics or theology, we all have united around helping our community. We dont let our differences hinder our missionso, lets lock arms and continue to stand strong as we commit to serving those who have needs in our community and in the surrounding area.
                                                                                                   — Pastor Derek