Each October, The Church in Aurora begins to prepare financially for the coming year. We focus our worship and our communication on being mindful stewards of the resources God has given each of us.
This year, our stewardship campaign is called “Step Up and Stand Out.” It’s designed to challenge all of our members and regular givers to take one step up in their giving, so that The Church in Aurora can continue to stand out in our community and in our world. Individually, taking a step up may not seem significant enough to make a lasting impact. However, when we take a step up together, the power of community can makes a difference.
God has provided for us all in different ways, but God asks all of us to contribute sacrificially and joyfully to the work of building for God’s Kingdom. At The Church in Aurora, we are committed to that work. We provide meaningful worship experiences, risk-taking mission and outreach ministries, radical hospitality, personal pastoral care, and relevant children’s and youth programs. Most of the donations we receive get used to directly provide for these ministries. You’ll notice on the image on the left, helps tell that story. 87 cents of every dollar gets spent on ministry at our church. Only 13 cents is used directly for administrative costs.
With your help and your commitment to take a step up in your giving, we are hoping to not just continue the lasting legacy of faithfulness, but extend our reach into the surrounding communities and make our “splash” bigger in the world. In 2021, you’ll begin to see:
  • increased hands-on mission and outreach opportunities
  • more small group and bible studies made available
  • larger and better online presence
When you step up, our church can stand out!
Stewardship Resources: