Nutcracker Sweets Volunteers

Volunteers Welcome

Our annual festival is also a major fellowship event for members and non-members of The Church in Aurora.  Each year the success of the Festival depends on the volunteers that offer their talent and time in many different ways. Starting in mid-September Nutcracker personnel will be in the Great Hall after each Sunday service with sign-up sheets for all the various service opportunities, some of which include:

  • Tear down – Clearing out rooms for crafters – Wednesday, Oct. 12th & Thursday Oct 13th
  • Restore –  Restoring the Church for Sunday Services – Saturday Oct 15th
  • Baking pies and cakes for the kitchen
  • Serving in the kitchen
  • Hostessing – assisting the Crafters with meals and booth sitting
  • Entry Gate & Raffle Booth
  • Advertising
  • Jurying (selecting) the Crafter

The Festival benefits from time given by member and non-member youth who volunteer their time to earn credits towards the expense of the Church’s workcamp trips.  In total, including the workcampers, as many as 180 volunteers, members and non-members, youth and adults, and family groups, join together in the spirit of fellowship and service to The Church in Aurora.