Endowment Fund

Legacy Giving to the Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund of The Church in Aurora was established to provide a strong financial base for the ministry, programs, major facilities and maintenance of the church. It also serves as a vehicle for those persons who desire to make financial contributions of any magnitude to the ongoing work of the church.

The options available to you in making contributions to the Endowment Fund are varied and can accommodate your financial needs and philanthropic desire. Gifts may generate income, estate and gift tax benefits for donors, and be made during your lifetime or after in the form of a will or trust. Many gift types, including cash, securities, real estate, and life insurance, can serve as a positive affirmation of your faith in action and give you the satisfaction of knowing your gift will enhance the future of the church for many years.

A financial advisor can assist you in developing the gift format most suited to your personal goals. Contributions are then managed and invested according to the bylaws of the Fund which have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Church and the congregation.

For more information about donating to the Endowment Fund, please contact the Church office at (330) 562-8266.