Membership with The Church in Aurora

Jesus called the first disciples by saying simply, “Follow me.”  The original 12 members of his band immediately followed him – no classes, no creeds, no credit cards.  He reached out to those from varied faith traditions – from Jews to Samaritans (later to Gentiles from no faith tradition at all).

The Church in Aurora follows the lead of Jesus Christ.  Indeed, we believe he still calls to us, “Follow me.”  Those who wish to answer the call “immediately” as the first disciples are welcome to do so by signifying an intention to unite in membership on the New Member Profile form below.  An initial contact will be made by one of our Pastors, who will see that membership is acknowledged in the records of the church and with an introductory article published in our monthly newsletter, The Spire.  New members can then expect to hear from more established members who will help assimilate them into our family of faith.

To learn more contact:

Senior Pastor, Rev. Bill Schnell, 330-562-8266 x223

Associate Pastor, Rev. Kevin Horak,  330-562-8266 x222

Thank you for your interest in The Church in Aurora

  • Please type your answers under each heading. Information will be used to add your name(s) to our membership roster and to include you on our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter and other correspondence.
  • I/We desire membership in The Church in Aurora effective the date above and signify the same by returning or submitting this form. A welcoming call from one of the pastors will acknowledge membership. If a visit from one of the pastors is desired to help inform your decision, he would be happy to meet with you at your home or at the church (your choice) and obtain this form in person, if that is in keeping with your wishes. Pastors can be contacted by phone at 330-562-8266 or email or If you wish for us to solicit a letter of transfer from another church, or if you wish to make a public confession of faith in baptism (or have your children baptized), please let our pastors know and arrangements will be made.